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Newsletter Technology and Quality Products

Number 1-2 from 2012







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“Ecotextyle: Vocational Education and Training on Product Enviromental Management for the Footwear and Textile Sector”

“Ecotextyle: Vocational Education and Training on Product Enviromental Management for the Footwear and Textile Sector”

“Ecotextyle” is a transnational cooperation among six European countries and seven partner organisations which main aim is to develop tools for the recognition of sustainable products managers as a demanded profession on the current footwear sector (including the manufacturing of textile products related to this industry) that could cover the market needs and coming European policies requirements on environmental impact of this manufacturing industry. According to this, the project has as main objective the development of self assessment and training tools that could provide all the skills needed to develop this job and certificate at the same time the qualifications needed on the sector for both, environmental sustainable products and producers (foreseen the potential changes that private entities on this sector will soon need to make in order to adapt themselves to the requirements of a constantly growing industry). Following this idea, the cooperative work of all the entities involved on the partnership of “Ecotextyle” and their different backgrounds will make possible to create accessible learning pathways and knowledge sources that could be easily transferred and personalized to different kind of users without affecting the training process offered by them. Thanks to this, the intellectual outputs created during the project will contribute to the transparency of the VET on the footwear field meanwhile they promote different interactive activities among peers combining both, formal and non formal methodologies (including very theoretical content and practical interactive exercises).
Moreover, the use of complementary methodologies during the project and the supervision of its materials by experts on very different expertises, will promote a high qualitative pedagogical process that will not only provide new skills to their users on the project topics (Ex. Ecodesign, environmental footprint, ecolabelling, etc.) but also strength among them those key competences in VET acquired by allowing beneficiaries to apply them on real work and market scenarios. This will make possible a task-based learning approach that will also have an impact on the structures of the entities on which project beneficiaries could work, providing them also new resources for the creation of advisory services, innovative products and modern manufacturing processes.
Besides this, the implementation of a common work programme coordinated and carried out by partners from very different levels (Research entities, non profit organisations, public universities, private companies, etc.) will promote that “Ecotextyle” contributes to cover the gap existing between the vocational education and training institutions on the footwear and the private sector or its labour market. Moreover, the project will work on the design of learning tools that could be afterwards assigned to these training
organisations for its inclusion on their VET degrees meanwhile they offer to their students internships or real work experiences on associated partners of the sector interested on cooperating with them.
Out of this institutional cooperation, “Ecotextyle” will also create spaces for the peer education of its beneficiaries (professionals on the field of the footwear or related to the production of textile components involved on the footwear manufacturing) allowing that those currently working on the sector could exchange good practices among them, mentor those newcomers on this industry and create learning opportunities related to the real needs and competences demanded by the professional of the footwear production and markets.


Okres realizacji: 
2017-10-01 to 2019-09-30