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Newsletter Technology and Quality Products

Number 1-2 from 2012







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Plasma technology for ecological bonding of elastomers on an industrial scale

Projekt realizowany w ramach Programu Badań Stosowanych:

„Plasma technology for ecological bonding of elastomers on an industrial scale”

   The aim of the project is to develop and prepare the implementation of an innovative technology of bonding industrial elastomers, based on molecular surface engineering and using advanced technique of cold plasma as a tool. In this project, the technology is directed towards the footwear industry, where it will be used in the process of bonding elements of shoes made of blends of rubbers obtained on the basis of styrene-butadiene copolymers. This technology is completely ecological and will be supposed to eliminate the method of wet chlorination of rubber surfaces and solventbased adhesives, which are commonly used in the world today, but they are harmful and dangerous for the environment. Besides, the technology will allow to obtain much higher strength of the adhesive-bonded joints and their higher durability, which will improve the quality of the produced footwear. This technology will also be applicable in other industries, wherever there is a process of bonding rubber parts.


  • Technical Unversity of Lodz
  • Institute of Leather Industry
  • Wojas S. A.

Project Leader

  • Technical Unversity of Lodz


Okres realizacji: 
2015-08-01 to 2018-07-31