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Newsletter Technology and Quality Products

Number 1-2 from 2012







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Environmental Protection Department

The scope of activities of the ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION DEPARTMENT includes:

1. Initiating and conducting scientific and research works (R&D) in the field of:

  • environmental engineering and biotechnology;
  • environmental management and process safety;
  • sustainable development;
  • reducing the negative impact of the leather and related industries on the natural environment through waste and circular economy;.
  • recycling of waste as an effective method of protecting agricultural crops and forest ecosystems against changing climate conditions;
  • developing nutritional preparations for use in the seed coated of crop and endangered species;
  • development of innovative products and technologies to protect plant seeds against diseases;
  • development of new bioactive additives used in seed production;
  • monitoring germination parameters of coated seeds in terms of improving the quality and metabolic processes of seeds and seedlings;
  • producing biocomposites based on biomass from the leather and other industries for their use in agriculture, food, horticulture and forestry;

2. Patent applications and utility models in the field of innovative research technologies.

3. Broadening the results of scientific research and development works by, among others: scientific and industry publications, participation in congresses, national and international conferences, seminars, conventions and fairs.

4. Preparation of project, research and R&D applications submitted under national and international competitions and programs.

5. Scientific cooperation as part of network and within national and foreign consortia.

6. Improving competence and expanding knowledge in the field of research topics.

7. Implementation as well as participation and assistance in disseminating R&D works of Department.



Head of Environmental Protection Department

PhD Paulina Pipiak

phone: (+48 42) 25 36 127, fax (+48 42) 657 62 75