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We take advantage of our services and cooperation in the field:




Wyroby własnej produkcji
  • specjalne kleje obuwnicze,
  • substancje chemiczne,
  • wkładki do obuwia,
  • wzorce kolorystyczne
Środki pomocnicze
  • dla garbarstwa,
  • włókiennictwa i chemii gospodarczej firm "ICAP",
  • "TENSIS",
  • "EXOL"


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About us

Knowledge and reliability. Experience and innovation. Open minds and tradition.

We can enumerate a long time our advantages developed and rooted in the ethics of our business since 1951. The history of our activity is very rich.

As a result, employees who are associated with the Institute since its inception, pass  their expertise to young, full of enthusiasm for work personnel. By choice of scientific career young people can grow with us. Doctorates, internships (for which we are always open), laboratory, research or scientific work allow them to combine the adventure of learning with scientific trips to our friendly foreign centers.

Research are conducted under the themes of our own topics or in cooperation with other research institutes and with universities. This enables for solving problems in multi-and interdisciplinary way.

We also cooperate with entrepreneurs and we lead many laboratory works for them.

Thematic diversity and number of our projects, clearly illustrates our growth and commitment to Polish science.


We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer as well as offer our branch in Krakow. We are open to every call or email and we invite you to cooperate with us and benefit from our expertise.